Why MatScience21 - How it Works

MatScience21 develops deep conceptual understanding, strategic thinking and 21st century skills. We accomplish this through personalized, collaborative and project-based learning approaches.

Personalized Learning
We have pioneered a blended model in after-school enrichment by a skillful combination of technology and in-person coaching. Our online curriculum is standards-based and widely used in progressive schools across USA. The online environment enables flexible 24/7 learning that is tailored for the individual student based on their learning goals and performance. Students meet in a learning center once a week to refine their concepts and deepen their understanding with the help of qualified instructors.

Collaborative Learning
Collaborative learning is the key to developing 21st century skills such as creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. Learning with and from peers in online and face-to-face sessions is an important component of our instructional design. Both online and classroom learning environments have individual as well as collaborative components. Instructors lead discussions that are designed to stoke students’ imagination and curiosity and to develop, analyze, and critique alternative solutions.

Project-based Learning
In addition to individually learning online and in person, students work in small groups on projects that reflect real-world scenarios. The topic comes alive and becomes exciting by linking it to a project grounded in everyday reality. These real-life problems are framed such that students have an opportunity to explore and reason different options rather than look for "one right answer".

MatScience21 helps students lay a strong foundation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

To learn more about how MatScience21 can help your child, please contact us at (978) 496-8321 or at tell-me-more@matscience21.com.