Why MatScience21 - For Educators

You are a passionate teacher who would like to make sure all your students learn the topics thoroughly, with deep understanding and no misconceptions. You want to address each student’s learning needs and accommodate their individual learning styles. You would like to be able to assess each student’s performance against their individual goals, and adjust their learning path as needed, as frequently as possible.

You want them to continue their learning beyond the classroom and be able to apply their learning to solve different kinds of problems; Work with other like-minded kids and even kids with contrary ideas, to broaden and deepen their knowledge.

MatScience21 enables your students to extend what they learn in the class and from the textbooks, and gain a deeper understanding of the topic. They are able to clarify any doubts they may have and clear misconceptions before they take root. At MatScience21, students collaborate with other students from diverse backgrounds, and from other school districts. They learn to express their ideas and concepts in more than one way and learn to critique as well as build on other students’ ideas. They design and build physical and virtual models that bring their ideas and concepts to life. They apply their theoretical knowledge to practical real-life settings, thereby gaining deeper insight than would otherwise be possible.

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