Why MatScience21 - For Students

As you read through textbooks and listen to lectures in class, do you wonder why you are working hard to master all these topics?

Would it be more meaningful for you to learn these topics through real world problems and scenarios? Rather than just solving problem after problem, do you think it would be cool to design and build something to show your knowledge and understanding?

Do you like using technology to learn on your own time and at your own pace? Go back to grasp hard concepts and whiz through easy ones? Do you like working with other kids to pose questions, research and collect evidence, come up with a concept, design the concept and present it to the world?

You belong in MatScience21, where you can express your understanding and demonstrate your knowledge in many ways; where other students like you come together to learn from each other; where you can learn 21st century skills like creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration in addition to math and science.

You belong in MatScience21, where learning is a joyful experience. Request Free Consultation